Back to basics - Rosemary Island Nor-West Game Fishing Club and an absolute gem!

Nor-West Game Fishing Club Rosemary Island - NWGFC.  A game fishing club and shack on it’s own pristine island which forms part of the Dampier Archipelago just off the West Australian Coast..



2017 Drone Video

New Polo's Now available - $35.00 email enquiries@nwgfc.com.au for details.



What New


August 2018

Team Humphries Photos are now available 

Team Tunnacliffe Photos are now available 



July 2018

Team O'Leary Photos are now available


May / June 2018

Team O'Dea Photos are now available.

Team Cardaci Photos are now available.

Team Smith Photos are now available.

Team Lindquist Photos are now available.